EUfrontcover100.jpg Evidence Unseen

by James Rochford, Campus Pastor at Xenos Christian Fellowship

From the Classroom to the Coffee Shop, people are discussing and debating Christianity now more than ever. Wherever you are in your Spiritual Journey you are sure to benefit from this timely book.
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OrgDiscp2012.jpg Organic Discipleship

by Dennis McCallum and Jessica Lowery

McCallum and Lowery have used personal disciplemaking to raise up scores of Christian leaders. Those leaders have raised up hundreds more. Speaking from their 50 years of combined experience in Xenos, the authors explain in practical and biblical terms how anyone can raise up disciples. This book is intensely practical, but with solid biblical foundations throughout.
SpiritRel.jpg Spiritual Relationships That Last - What the Bible Says About Dating and Marriage

by Dennis McCallum and Gary DeLashmutt

""This is a refreshingly biblical, cutting-edge vision of marriage as it could be if we were to drop the cultural myths that weigh us down. DeLashmutt and McCallum invite us to revel in the hope that intimacy isn't based on finding the right person, but on becoming the right person. A man or woman of depth, passion and godly character.""
Dan B. Allender, Director Wounded Heart Ministries "

BestOfSummerInst.-Vol3.jpg Best of The Summer Institute, Vol. 3

10 Inspiring CD's at a Rock Bottom Price

For more than 17 years the Xenos Summer Institute has featured sessions from some of the best thinkers and practitioners in Evangelicalism. These 10 audio CD's represent some of the best of these talks given over the years.  More Info

MenOfCourage-Crabb.jpg Men of Courage

by Dr. Larry Crabb

This updated and expanded edition of The Silence of Adam, offers a fresh look at how God designed men. It presents the rich calling men have to reveal God in ways uniquely masculine and it summons them beyond their fear of failure to bold risk-taking, courageous action, deep spirituality , and full-hearted living.

DiscoveringGod.JPG Discovering God: Exploring the Possibilities of Faith - 10 pack

by Dennis McCallum

At this price you can give this book away to others! In the right hands, this book can be life changing.

Learn how God decided to authenticate himself to humans. Learn how we can gain a high degree of certainty about God. Most important, learn how you can experience a personal relationship with the God who created us. And if you already believe but have trouble explaining your faith to others, Discovering God can help. Download the Free Study Guide.